Prepare for your best
Prime Day yet

Mark the date,
make a plan

Prime Day is more than just a sales boost—it’s a great way to build awareness and gain traction on new products.
June 27


for Prime Day inventory to arrive at fulfillment centers

Prep your lineup

Plan for high demand and fast turnaround, especially for new and popular items.

Convert more shoppers

Seal the deal with a winning promotion strategy and product page.
“During our peak hour, customers were purchasing one Tea Forte product every two seconds.”
Jurgen Nebelung | Tea Forte

Deals to drive discovery

Shoppers love a good deal. Stack the odds in your favor with an attention-grabbing price tag.
Discount a top-selling product, or offer loyal customers a package deal.
Create targeted social media promotions and spread the word.
Check your dashboard to see if your products are eligible.

Tools to go next level

Spark interest on social media

Expand your reach and shorten the path to purchase with our social media tips.

Expert product photos

Loans to boost your business

Short on time? We’ll find the best shots and upload them through Seller Central.
Working capital loans to expand products, bulk-buy inventory, or increase ad spend.